Every year a handful of  local home owners hand over their homes to local interior designers and decorators, to have them decorated for a charity event.
Christmas decorated that is..

Home owners and designers work together to come up with original ideas as well as inventive and traditional ways to decorate thier homes for the holidays.
Once the decorations are done the charity sells tickets to the public to tour the homes, and this year the tours are this weekend.

I've been to this event with my other half every year for the last 4 years, and the decorations on display really help to put you in the Christmas mood. But this year for the first time I'm actually helping with the event.

Photo courtesy of Country Living.
Sometimes the homes are somewhat strange, like the alpine inspired 1960's home that honestly felt like we'd been transported into another time period altogether... and not in a good way.The home owners had a number of rather strange collections, china dolls, stuffed animals, old gramophones, and the decorations had been done without the help of a designer. We left.. quickly !

Photo from Articlesbase.

Fortunately that was a bit of an aberration and the other 24 homes we've seen over the last 5 years have been gorgeous.
Anyway.. I haven't seen all the other houses yet, but Bill and I are doing the full tour tomorrow, so if I'm allowed I will try to take some photos.

Saturday is the local shopping street's Midnight Madness shopping event.. and there's a wonderful Craft Market down in Royston on Sunday. All of which will be much easier to enjoy, if not as pretty without the snow.


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